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Executive Producer


Harvey Moshman is a multi-Emmy® Award-winning producer from Chicago.  After a long career in local and network news, Moshman teamed with Chuck Coppola to create Lost & Found: The Search For USS Lagarto—the discovery of a missing American WWII submarine “overdue from patrol, presumed lost” – that aired nationally on Public Television and garnered three local Emmys®. His recent documentary, HEROES ON DECK: World War II on Lake Michigan, continues its current national broadcasts. His series credits include producing the popular, local, Wild Chicago, and he’s now roaming the USA creating WILD TRAVELS, a guide to America's most unusual, offbeat and quirky destinations, seen nationally on PBS stations.



Executive Producer


Chuck Coppola has more than 35 years of news experience, as a reporter for network-owned television stations in Chicago, San Francisco and for CNN. In 2003, during the initial weeks of the war in Iraq, he provided nearly 700 live reports from overseas to television and radio stations across the U.S. His investigative reporting has exposed design flaws in U.S. Army equipment provided by U.S. manufacturers, and weaknesses in the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency’s response to natural disasters. His work has earned eight Emmy® Awards. Moshman and Coppola collaborated on two previous documentaries that have earned multiple Emmy® Awards, including the 2005 discovery of the USS Lagarto, the first of 52 American WWII submarines lost in battle to have been found since the war.